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Forum website
Forum website
Seed Grants
Seed Grants
We transformed our Forum website into a dynamic, multilingual resource and learning Hub on Economic Justice and Women’s rights , featuring multi-media resources from all the different parts of the Forum program. We have continued to build the hub with the latest analysis on questions of economic power from women’s rights and other social justice movements around the world.

“Dearest AWID staff,
I really liked this new tool. It has helped me deepen and increase my knowledge on the Forum theme: Transforming Economic Power. It helps us as we try to disseminate information on these themes among our communities, especially when this kind of content continues to be discussed in very limited ways in some of our countries or communities. Thank you for your work and here in Oaxaca-Mexico, we will keep visiting this site and will try to feed information into it as well.”

Ana María Hernández Cárdenas,
Consorcio para el Diálogo Parlamentario y La Equidad Oaxaca A.C. (AWID translation)

AWID launched a multi-lingual call for proposals for post-Forum Innovation Seed Grants, which received a record-breaking response with almost 300 proposals from 93 countries. With support of an International Selection Committee, 24 Innovation Seed Grant winners from 22 countries and 13 different constituencies were selected to implement initiatives starting in 2013.

The 24 Innovative Seed Grant projects being implemented in 2013 are channeling creative approaches related to the Forum theme and constitute one of the concrete ways the Forum has an ongoing impact on expanding the agendas of women’s rights organizing in different regions and sectors.

The projects focus on diverse issues including empowering home-based women workers in Turkey; the impact of extractive industries on women in the Fiji Islands; the global impact of the emerging bio-economy; agricultural activities for women survivors of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, research and advocacy on engendering tax policies in Asia, a national gathering of feminist economists in Mexico; Palestinian women within the Israeli civil service, initiatives led by sex worker organizations in Myanmar, USA, India and Hungary, promoting a culture of peace in Cameroon; a training program on economic justice for Caribbean women, young women and trade union organizing in India; use of comics for social and gender justice in Nigeria; feminist economics for gender and sexual justice activism in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia; and food sovereignty and the care economy in Chile, among others.

“We had attended the AWID Forum that was held in Istanbul with the sponsorship from Mama Cash, from which we got an idea of starting the first ever trade union for women textile workers in our state. Though we had...field experience, the idea of forming a movement was gained from the AWID Forum. Our initiative to start the trade union is in its completion stage and we had planned to launch it in the month of January. Your decision of shortlisting our project application is really good news and it would help us to do this work more enthusiastically. So we extend our gratitude for your team.”

G.Flora Mary,
Serene Secular Social Service Society, India